My Guilty Pleasure of the Month

Celebrity MasterChef

This has got to be one of my favourite shows at the minute, there is something so entertaining about watching celebrities sweat in a kitchen.


You may know about the original MasterChef – a competitive reality cooking show, but from the original it’s developed into four different versions; ‘MasterChef: The Professionals, Junior MasterChef and of course, Celebrity MasterChef.

I must admit, I don’t usually follow the other versions – but there is something about watching Celebrities sweat in a real life kitchen and wanting praise from Gregg Wallace and John Torode I just love to watch!

What’s good about this series these days is that I’m at that age where I actually know who everyone is which is a good start. In this series, we’ve seen a range of celebrities competing from actors to presenters to musicians to professional athletes.


The only problem with this TV show is if your hungry, it’s like torture watching all the amazing food dishes. Especially when they make desserts. I was watching it on my lunch break the other day and ended up nipping out and buying a chocolate bar (oopps).

With all the challenges they compete in it makes an AMAZING TV show. My favourite part is when the celebrities have to cook for around 40+ people in different places such as construction sites and different businesses.

I can’t tell you who I’m backing, as I’ve yet to decide and especially hard to do when all my favourites have just been knocked out of the semi-finals.

I truly recommend a watch; the series so far is available on BBC IPlayer.



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