New Year, New Me (and all that)


So it’s been nearly a month in 2017 and already a lot has happened, but I can say I’ve didn’t do dry January and my healthy workout plan lasted about 1-2 weeks. Tbh, as I saw on twitter earlier; January is just going to be my trial month and it all actually starts in February. If I write them down here; that has got to be my motivation. So, as I sit here on a Sunday night and reflect on what I really want this year.

Blogging (More of It)


As you can see I have done only 2 posts on this blog. I want this to change, this should be a platform for me to talk about anything and remember how to actually write – since I’ve not written anything essay based since being on my placement. So, I plan to delve into more beauty, health, reviews and reflective blog posts – because why the hell not?!


Be Fit & Healthy

This must be on everyone’s list – it’s the time of year where you thinking about all the AMAZING food you’ve eaten and wish it didn’t have to stay on that stomach of yours. However, there is no regrets in eating the last of the pigs in blankets on Xmas Day or the massive chicken meal I have just eaten. So tomorrow will be a new day; where I will start my plan for specific workouts and healthy meals. My main target for this is to be happy with my body and myself which will come from working hard but it would be 100% worth it!

Throw Myself into More Experiences


Do things without second guessing myself, stop doubting and thinking about what others think. This means if an opportunity to try something new I would throw myself into it and not care whether someone laughs or judges me for doing it. Being only 20 this is probably the best time to do this as I don’t need to think about a family and I have to freedom to go anywhere and do anything. I was researching into this and I found you could truly discover who you truly are and what I really want to do. (Very cliché I know). Also by throwing yourself into the unknown you could achieve great things, as it’s always worth a risk to see if you can be the best you can and get the most out of every experience.

Have More Time for Myself


This is very much linked to the above point but I feel it’s very much time to consider myself more and look after not only the outside but the inside. Could include having nights to myself, relaxing and just looking out for what I want most at the minute. This will include making a wish list of how I want to spend my time. This will help me develop the skill of stepping back from things and really think about whether certain things are actually worth my time. Hopefully, this will help me become a much more confident person within myself – which would be amazing.


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