What’s Been On My TV This January?


I love watching TV, it’s what I do everyday to relax and my escapism from reality sometimes (even though it is a bit of reality TV sometimes). January I’ve got to say has been one good month for TV on all channels and Netflix. I should have never signed up for it, I’m always on it.

Silent Witness


Silent Witness is a BBC drama which focuses on a team of forensic pathology experts who solve multiple different crimes/murders throughout the series. It’s their 20th anniversary this year, but I must say this is the first year where I have really got into it. I love the different storylines they have each week but with the same amazing team. If you love a crime drama I would say this a must watch and after this series’ finale I will be more than ready for series 21 next year.

Death in Paradise


Death in Paradise is a fun-loving crime comedy drama, and yes that is all in one sentence! This is filmed in the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe, so it’s a lovely programme to watch if you want to escape the rain and cold weather of England. As you can see I do love a good murder mystery – must be why I love playing Cluedo so much. I also really enjoy trying to guess who dunnit each week. I have been watching Death in Paradise from series 1 with Ben Miller (who I loved and was terribly sad when the detective died in series 3), Kris Marshall and the new detective Ardal O’Hanlon. Already O’Hanlon has impressed me as the new DI with his humour and the way he figures out the murder case. This is still on BBC1 on Thursday at 9pm – so if you fancy a classic murder mystery and a good laugh this is the series to watch.

Oh did anyone use to watch My Hero; that programme was soo funny, I grew up watching that, I truly miss it! #bringitback

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments


Yes, after watching the movie version of this I thought I wouldn’t ever watch this series because the film was just soo good! However, I started watching last year and I cannot stop; I am even up to date on a Netflix series, which is a new thing for me. So, Shadowhunters is an American fantasy TV series based on the Cassandra Clare novels – which are also pretty amazing. It is centred on one girl; Clary Fary learning she is a shadow hunter and throughout the series, she learns who she really is after her mother goes missing. Through this, she meets a group of Shadow hunters including Jace, Issy and Alec. I hugely recommend watching this, but you may keep it quiet, as this is my little guilty pleasure. If the plot still hasn’t persuaded you to watch, don’t forget Dom Sherwood plays Jace – sorry but who doesn’t want to watch that beautiful face for 45mins. New episodes are released every Tuesday on Netflix but if you need to catch up series 1 is ready and wanting for you.

Sugar Free Farm


This was the perfect programme to watch to help you get motivated in losing weight and being healthier this January. This is a reality TV show where 6 celebrities take on a sugar-free diet.  Many of you may know I love a programme that tests celebrities to their limits and reality TV shows. This not only saw a number of celebrities struggle with the sugar-free diet and manual labour but also was educational in what sugar actually does to your body. It is shocking to see how sugar can become addictive and once you are off it you go through an addict going clean symptoms – which shocked me. From watching this, I am tempting to make March my sugar free month but I don’t really know if I can give up chocolate.


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