What’s Been On My TV This February?

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I know it is edging towards the end of March but I thought it is worth sharing what has been on my small screen in February. Last month was the month of mini series’, which I have found that I really enjoy. With a mini-series you do not have to watch 20 episodes to find out how it is going to end – it is a quick three episodes and done. The best channel that does this is BBC1.

The Moorside


There were two main reasons why I watched this BBC drama;

  1. It is a docuseries on what happened in the Shannon Matthews kidnapping case, with not only the crime itself but also how the community helped and felt betrayed after the truth came out.
  2. Sheridan Smith, (one of my favs) plays the main character Julie Bushby.

Do I really need to say anymore on why you should watch this?


What was brilliant about these two episodes was how it represented the community of Dewsbury did everything to help the missing girl and their anger towards finding out it was all a lie. Neil McKay (writer) and Paul Whittington (director) really captured the true events and recreated the key television appeal from Karen Matthews perfectly – if you played it side by side and you would not know the difference.

I would say the only downfall of this programme was the Yorkshire accents that were put on by most of the actors and actresses as they did not quite convey how my community and I speak.

Apple Tree Yard


This provocative thriller sees Dr Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson) caught up in a damaging and comprising lie. The miniseries follows the story of Carmichael who is in a rut of a marriage, where she is unhappy with her scientist husband. This unhappiness leads to her entering a secret affair with Mark Costley whilst being unaware of who he really is. I will say this is a deep drama and you do need to concentrate throughout every episode. The drama has received praise for portraying female sexuality and females in a positive, powerful and celebratory way. However, not all goes well when *spoiler alert* she gets raped at a works party – she not only has to face what has just happened but also the revenge her lover wants to do to her rapist.


Apple Tree Yard is one of the first dramas to have been the ‘first honest portrayal of rape on TV’ (TheGuardian). Which I felt did as it made me, the viewer, and feel uncomfortable and made it hard to watch – which is what it has meant to do. The way they filmed it shows how Carmichael also was feeling within that said moment – some brilliant acting from Watson throughout the whole series.

If you find a way to watch this, I hugely recommend to do this; not only because it was a brilliant intense thriller but because they’re talks of a season 2.


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