Liverpool Spring 5k


After a busy couple of months of finishing my industrial placement, moving house & going on holiday, I’m back & ready to discuss my experience completing my first 5k at Liverpool Spring.

What is Liverpool Spring?

The Liverpool Spring is organised by MerseyRaces and sponsored and supported by a number of organisations including; the ECHO, The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and Spring City. They organise 1ks for Children, a 5k and 10k which are located in Sefton Park. This is a fabulous organised event to raise lots and lots of money for numerous different charities. This year it took place on the 6th of May on a perfect day to run.

I first heard about the Liverpool Spring from my housemate, Abbie and after a few emails back and forth she convinced me to take part. This therefore led to our other 2 housemates joining us, Issy & Katie, to make this a fun house activity.

Training Sessions

After a very successful training session. Photographer – Abbie Broad

As this was my first ever 5k I took it upon myself to train for the big event; especially because I have never been the strongest of runners.

Obviously I did not do this 6 week training regime alone, myself & Abbie trained together to keep each other motivated. The sessions we followed are below and in my opinion were very successful and increased my stamina extremely well. (All you need is a local park, big bottle of water & a timer).

I will say it was hard keeping to the routine but it is defiantly worth it in the long run, as I’ve developed my running skills & now can actually run for a long time (even though its still only for about 10minutes, haha).

My routine I followed for 6 weeks 


Big Day has Arrived!

So after 6 weeks of running sessions, the odd cheat day and fundraising, the big day had arrived. As we were completing this as a house, we all woke up early and set off to Liverpool together. The day started early for our train travel from Manchester to Liverpool, and we were ready for the day ahead in our matching green Manchester Metropolitan University hoodies; you really couldn’t miss us at all. During the train there we took part in a group crossword on the train up to Sefton Park. Once we arrived to the park it was a quick toilet run and time to line up onto the starting line.

During the run, the atmosphere was electric, everyone was ready and up for doing there very best. Myself & Abbie stayed together throughout and both did amazingly and didn’t give up. At different stages of the race, the event had numerous different musical acts to keep everyone motivated and dance a little while running.

Together we finished at the time of 48mins & 6 seconds, and received a fabulous running T-Shirt & medal. Katie & Issy finished also in a fabulous time of 34mins & 7 seconds. Afterwards, (I feel like all the girls can say this) but we were all so proud of each other & still are for completing the run. After the very eventful morning, with our medals around our necks, we awarded ourselves with with a WELL DESERVED Nando’s.

Why did I do this? 


So you all might be wondering why I did all of this? Well I did all this training and the 5k for one main reason; to raise money for Age UK. This charity means so much to me as I believe it’s extremely important to care for the elderly. I ended up raising £155.62 which I’m so proud of raising & makes me want to continue to raising money for this amazing charity. Thank you everyone who donated money for sponsoring me.

Finally, I just want to say a massive shoutout to my wonderful housemates for the achievement of completing the 5k and raising money for their chosen charities; I’m so proud of you all! This was a wonderful experience & something I actually enjoyed and have ticked off my bucket list.

Char x


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